A Neighborhood Joint

Book Your Band & Contact Us

Nolen Reeves Music books for three music venues:

Smith’s Olde Bar in Atlanta, GA
For The Atlanta Room: Please email Sean McPherson
The Nick in Birmingham, AL
Brother’s Bar in Jacksonville, AL

Booking Process

Please email NolenReevesBooking@gmail.com

In the email, please provide:

* a link to your EPK, MySpace, and/or Facebook page(s). Please no attachments.

* where the band is currently based.

* the venue (Smith’s Olde Bar, The Nick, or Brother’s Bar) you’re looking to play in.

* your target date.

* any other information you think we need to know.

We want to know as much about your band as possible, please provide all of this information in the initial email.

Please be patient, we want to hear your music and help your band.


Nolen Reeves Music

Tel: 404-876-8436
Fax: 404-874-5558
E-mail: nolenreevesmusic@mindspring.com

Talent Buyer: Dan Nolen
Publicity for Smith’s Olde Bar: Rachel Stuart or Emily Warren or Mike Reeves
The Nick Publicity: Roberta Caldwell

What We Require For Press Once You’re Booked:

Press must be received at least one month prior to your show date!!!

We are looking for packets with bios and reviews that we can copy, 5 or more CDs, 5 or more glossy photos, 10 posters of any size.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday Noon-5pm / Wednesday Noon-3pm

For information on renting the music room:

nolenreevesmusic@mindspring.com or fill out the Reserve A Room form.

For information about the restaurant:

call: 404-875-1522
fax: 404-874-5558