Sat, Sep 16 9:00PM
The Atlanta Room




Artist Bios


Andrew Duhon is a New Orleans native, raised in the country’s most unique and mysterious city. A city that accepts all walks of life with a curiosity and forgiveness that
has found its way into his wholly American songwriting. A Blues & Folk influenced singer/songwriter, Duhon shares his love of American History, it’s struggles, triumphs,
and impulses through his music. Whether its love that crosses color lines, a family challenged by life’s unexpected turns or the woeful tale of a city left to drown, Duhon
brings his audience into the most intimate of spaces through his storytelling.

Notable Acclaim:

"This record is genius. Not kidding. It is unbelievably great. This young man has it. The singing, the playing, the's all there. Strikingly good. The world needs to hear this record."
-George Howard, former president of Rykodisc

"Another world-class voice is heard from Louisiana, another
soulful, mesmerizing singer who writes emotional songs with
impact and heart. Andrew Duhon is a troubadour for the next
generation, a story-teller for his generation. Measured in
the blues with the gift of narrative, Andrew¹s songs will
not only make you think, they will make you sing along, days
later. This a young artist to watch, and to hear, as soon
as you can find a way. "
- John Snyder,

"Andrew gets it. He understands not only how to craft an appealing song, but how to sell it on stage well beyond his years. He brings to mind a young Dylan with both his melancholy and sincerity."
-Eric Orlando, owner of Carrollton Station

" with his cards to his chest and his heart on his sleeve, Andrew brings us his stories, in a voice as full as any I've heard, breathing life and truth into his songs"
-Trina Shoemaker, Grammy Award Winning producer and engineer


I am a singer/songwriter from Canton, Georgia. Songwriting has been a passion of mine since I was little, and it has continued to change my life every day since. I started singing as soon as I started talking. I picked up a guitar at 9 and everything seemed to fall into place. I could now write complete songs and sing them for my family. A few months after I started learning guitar I began performing out, and I never stopped.

My music is inspired by pop artists such as Ingrid Michaelson and Ben Rector. I love music that is both interesting and catchy at the same time. I have four songs on iTunes, 3 of which I released when I was twelve. I’m hoping to record and release some new music soon. I have had 2 songs played on 94.9 Backyard Country, and I’ve opened up for several artists such as Riley Beiderer, Sonia Leigh, and Gareth Asher and the Earthlings.

Music will forever hold a special place in my heart. It drives me to become a better person and connect to people in a way I’m not otherwise able to.
music is my life.