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Thu, Dec 18 7:00PM
The Atlanta Room

Nolen Reeves Music Presents: COSMOKNOX / CLOCKWORK / BLACKFOX

$8 at door

Artist Bios


a garage pop trio forged on a summer's eve in 2012. the group from out in the sticks that delivers a breathless performance with just enough down home groove to set your pants on fire. these cats don't play, they do work.


Ryan and Mitch met while playing in a drag queen's band sometime in the 90s, and went on to play together in Scoring Dope for the Ultimate Woman, and then later with songwriters Blair Lott and Lindsay Rakers. They also have an art-metal project called Rat Mass. 

Stacey and Cade are cousins, and they've played together in bands like Fancy and Myssouri. Stacey also played in Blair Lott's band with Ryan and Mitch. Those three also made an electronic record under the name Ultralap. So there's that. 

Stacey, Cade and Ryan were in a creepy country band called Wormwood, GA that somehow turned into BLACKFOX when Mitch joined.