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Thu, Dec 18 7:00PM
The Atlanta Room

Nolen Reeves Music Presents: COSMOKNOX / CLOCKWORK / BLACKFOX

$8 at door

Artist Bios


a garage pop trio forged on a summer's eve in 2012. the group from out in the sticks that delivers a breathless performance with just enough down home groove to set your pants on fire. these cats don't play, they do work.


"Ranging from hard rocking, almost punk bombast, gentle acoustic driven ballads, and psych-ambient rambles, the newly released, limited edition, self-titled vinyl LP (Somerset Sound) delivers an intriguing collection of tunes, each one daring, challenging, and played with the confidence that is developed from years in the trenches. At times as sinister as black metal, but then shifting to more melodic and palatable tone, Blackfox maintains an edge that keeps the listener on edge, while providing an entertaining and satisfying experience."
— Creative Loafing

"Blackfox play sludgy, guitar-driven rock rooted in a kind of grungy blues that’s dirty yet melodic…they hold their ground, keep the mood dark and eerie, and wait until just the right moment to unleash a blistering solo that’s just plain nasty.” – Latest Disgrace
"Desert-scorched, peyote-laced, psycho-country-blues."
— Stomp and Stammer