Fri, Aug 10 8:00PM
The Music Room



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Artist Bios


It's been said the newest members of Atlanta's booming music scene have a sound that's a clear "amalgamation of blues, neo-soul, and rock-and-roll". Giving Pink Floyd and Maxwel a run for their money, All The Locals are no strangers to the industry. Atlanta-based producer, John Briglevich (who worked with the band on their newest set of rhythmically seductive songs), says, "...[their music is] hard to describe and that why I dig it. I'm scrambling to try and make this [EP] sound as good as they do live." 

Praised for their effortlessly original and creative approach to songwriting, A.T.L's self-titled debut EP is due out later this year. "We all know good music when we hear it. [Our music] feels good", Deno, A.T.L's drummer extraordinaire, has commented. Well, Deno, the public agrees. 


Atlanta psychedelic rock band Kilroy Kobra comes together as an epic nine piece band blending modern psychedelia with funk rhythms and retro-rock outfits. In September 2016, they released their daring debut LP, "Man of the World" which throughout had a careful balance between spaced out legends Tame Impala or Pink Floyd and funky classics David Bowie or Steely Dan. Stream/download Kilroy Kobra's "Man of the World" on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Bandcamp, and Amazon Prime.


Bringing an array of gritty-bluesy styles, Arc & Stones’ sound combines the fast paced energy of NYC where the group was established, and the soulful identity of Nashville where they now reside. At their core, Arc & Stones are an unabashed act - inspired by two very different types of rock'n'roll, the group finds a way for them to coexist. 


Founding member Dan Pellarin began his Arc & Stones journey by deciding to take a new path in life after an unfulfilling stint in Miami. Driven and unapologetic, Pellarin threw himself into his art, moved to New York City and eventually crossed ways with current members Joe Doino(drums) and Dan Berry (lead guitar)


After several successful tours with the legendary rock-act, Kansas, the band sees their future pointing in a new direction as a different animal. 


“We want to challenge ourselves to be better than we were the day before" says Pellarin. "This is a new move for us that aims to reestablish authenticity to popular rock music. It seems like the culture has fallen by the wayside in today’s world... like what the fuck happened?"