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Well it started with chicken. I mean yard birds, i mean you gotta grab 'em by the neck and sling 'em around until the neck snaps. Then you got to skin it, feathers and all. Chicken. VIllain Family eats all the chicken. No chicken pickin' in this hen house, only the rooster cooing at his mistress the moon.
But bird meat will be tough unless you love it enough. Y'all got to use your hands, man. Get your hands on the bird's skin, get into the innards, make gravy. But you got to do it with love. Villain Family got the love. Villain Family holds to compassion.
You see, growing things with your hands, like your advantageous botanicals, causes celebrations. Villain Family is a direct byproduct of skinnin' chicken and washing hands clean of blood and feathers. Now you have touched life and death and put it all in your tummy. Play it for your family and your lovers and neighbors and children with your hands on tightly wound wood and metal and know thy freedom


LittleBoyBigHeadOnBike, the project of Rhode Island-based songwriter William Orchard, began in 2014 upon an intense dissociation from American Suburbia. Living in a backwards world of imagination that comes out at nightfall, Orchard’s early material captured the DIY spirit that emerges when boredom, bicycles, imagination, and childlike freedom are mixed. Having released an unheard of spew of early material (50 EP’s and albums) in the lo-fi nature of Sparklehorse, Mount Eerie, or Frankie Cosmos, LittleBoyBigHeadOnBike went nearly unnoticed by the independent music community of Providence, RI. This all changed when, through a freak set of coincidences involving an Antler’s show in Pawtucket, RI, Will Orchard joined forces with the growing indie-folk powerhouse known as the Brazen Youth.

By the time LittleBoyBigHeadOnBike had gained a reputation of prolific lunacy and a non-traditional, whimsical approach to folk music, he had become part a larger circle of artists (including The Brazen Youth) in New England known as the Ashlawn Creative Collective – located at the 300 year old Ashlawn Farm in the small town of Lyme, CT. This place of strange timeless beauty meshed well with his idiosyncratic style and bred out his first widely available, but independent release – God Damn Wonderland (2017). A more collaborative effort, God Damn Wonderland was recorded in the library space at Ashlawn in a span of nine days and gathered a moderate amount of attention upon its release, allowing Orchard’s vulnerable, strange songs to break into the ears of the East Coast DIY scene.

Now, following a year of extensive touring of the U.S. in band and solo settings, LittleBoyBigHeadOnBike’s discography consists of 99 EP’s and Albums, totaling nearly 500 songs. Orchard’s 100th record, Big Blue Butterflies is a story of the painful transformation from child to adult, fantasy to reality, and the limbo in the middle – all within the context of chaotic America in 2018. Big Blue Butterflies touches upon the beautifully inconstant arrangements of artists like Alex G or Sparklehorse, while echoing the songwriting of Neil Young and Bill Mallonee. Starting with the story of a person preserved as a Statue in their true love’s garden, the record traverses different settings like a children’s story – and ends in a place of loss, peace, and acceptance.


Poison Coats, the brain child of Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Trey Hawkins, began the most daunting way possible – alone.

Hawkins recorded the Fever Dreams EP at The Cottage Recording Co. in Atlanta, Georgia. Although he remained the sole constant member, the band’s sound was informed by the talents of a revolving crew of musicians, both onstage and in the studio.

Drawing from a rich diversity of musical elements and styles, Fever Dreams explores a variety of themes united by human nature and condition: greed, loneliness, self-doubt, the elusive nature of happiness, and the mysteries of spirituality.

Poison Coats looks forward to a bright and busy future. In terms of a live presence, Hawkins plans to maintain the model of a “Swiss Army” band: performing both as a solo act and a full band.