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Sun, Jan 18 11:00AM
The Bar Room

Nolen Reeves Music Presents: Bluegrass Brunch with: THE PORCH BOTTOM BOYS


Artist Bios


The Porch Bottom Boys proudly hail from Decatur, Georgia. Their music is based in bluegrass, seasoned with the diverse backgrounds of the band members in jazz, blues, rock, and other styles.

Steve Gorbatkin was born on the south side of Chicago and his years in the Windy City left an indelible blues-inflected mark on his singing.

Jim Thompson an Atlanta native who also spent time living and working in the coal towns of Virginia, gives the band its deep bluegrass roots. Jim’s style draws on his experiences as a founding member of the Poetown Ramblers near Grundy, Virginia, and playing with bluegrass groups in Nashville.

Mandolinist and Vocalist Denis Gainty has played various instruments with groups in Boston, New York, and Osaka before joining the Boys. His mandolin style reflects his eclectic musical influences and misspent youth.

When he’s not appearing with the Todd Prusin Experience or other projects, Todd Prusin brings his distinctive punch and energy to the band on the electric bass guitar.Charles O’Neill rounds out the Boys with his tasty licks on the five-string banjo. Charlie’s front porch in Decatur gives the band their name and serves as their home base.

The Porch Bottom Boys play in a variety of local venues and have been featured multiple times on WRFG radio.  They have also appeared in many of the Decatur-based festivals, including the BBQ-Blues-Bluegrass Festival, the Decatur Arts Festival, and the Oakhurst Arts Festival. Committed to the Decatur community, they frequently play for local fundraisers, especially those devoted to Decatur Public Schools.