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Artist Bios

ayo river

Ayo River, a moniker used by songwriter Taylor, is a project that deeply intersects his personal narrative with the constant underlying relationships and connectedness of the modern world. Taylor’s artistic passions have been displayed through various mediums throughout his life, but his desire to tell stories remains a constant in all his art.In 2014, Weston started recording his songs with Athens, Ga producer Matt Martin. The songs they assembled over the next two years comprise ayo river’s debut LP Failed State. These songs are Weston’s internal tales of loss and miscommunication in the wildly connected age of the internet, brought to life with sweeping indie-pop influenced writing and production.


Born and raised in Jackson Mississippi, Clayton Waller AKA Rock Eupora creates a lively blend of gritty rock and shimmering pop straight from his DIY home studio. Currently operating in Nashville, Rock Eupora uses galactic hooks and melodies to dive into themes of love, time, transition, and faith. The new album, Soon the Sun Will Come, shows Waller taking his 'fuzz pop' sound into a more polished and refined territory of indie music.

Clayton started taking piano lessons at the age of 5. He quickly discovered his love for songwriting and performing and took advantage of every opportunity he could to play music. During his senior year of college, Waller home-recorded the debut album. Recognizing the importance of his southern roots, he named the project after the small Mississippi town of Eupora.

After making the move to Nashville, Waller recorded the second full-length album in his apartment-converted basement. The Rock Eupora band eventually settled into a quartet, and were soon playing some of Nashville's most prestigious venues such as Marathon Music Works, Exit/In, and Mercy Lounge.


Somewhere between Roswell and Marietta, four bright-eyed lads found each other through the wilderness of suburbia. In an attempt to survive the terribly inconsistent Metro Atlanta weather, they built Zoo House. With the writing backbone of frontman Harry, melodic soaring of lead guitarist JT, boogie-enticing vibe of bassist Nate, and ultimate groove of drummer Hayes, this fresh group voices an exciting tone that maintains an earnest quality. Dynamic arrangements and memorable motifs support a dialogue that dissects society and explores the great complexity of identity. These boys are eager to take the Atlanta scene (then the world) by storm with their captivating sound. With a couple of singles nearing release, and an EP on the summer horizon, Zoo House warrants a keen eye, focused ear, and progressive heart.