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Artist Bios


Atlanta-based band “Captain and the Kid” started out in 2009 as a trio by the leader Alex Willoughby, along with Michael Smith and Sam Curtis.  In 2010, the group was joined by Matt Willoughby and Ryan Gambrell, and the five piece recorded their first demo album in Crossville, Tennessee. Alex Middleton and Candler Hobbs joined Captain and the Kid in 2015 to record the band’s debut album, “Through the Night” at Atlanta’s Sound and Store Studios.  The group has since expanded the tour and has been privileged to play venues in Atlanta, Chattanooga, Ringgold, and Athens.  

Captain and the Kid’s sound is influenced by their west coast rock, blues, and folk roots. Their original album, “Through the Night” covers a wide array of musical styles, from the electric rock “Master”, to the acoustic driven “Old Havana”, and the southern blues track “Waitin’”.  While the music is always evolving, CATK will always strive to write and perform songs that speak to everyone who relates to finding contentment in life through music.  Their live shows feature an energetic mix of originals along with select group of covers.  

Captain and the Kid’s debut album, “Through the Night” is available on iTunes.


Other Brother is a band of 4 dudes from Atlanta, Georgia. Three of them are actual brothers and one of them is an actual friend. They also have a golden retriever named Mac. None of that is really important. But if you are searching for some good old fashioned rock and roll mixed with original artful songwriting and energetic beats, you’ve come to the right brothers.  Their 2016 single "Girl at the Bar" has been featured several times on 99x's "Must Not Suck." And it certifiably does not suck. The band has been on hiatus, with brothers touring far-off kangaroo-infested continents, but they’ve recently reunited to write new material, record an EP and kick off more regular live shows.


After six years of playing music as Tyler Denning Band, an evolution of their sound caused the birth of Taller Trees in late 2016. Scattered influences and genres finally matured into what they now call Soul Rock. Blues and R&B roots with funk and pop elements combine to make music that's singable, danceable, and thought-provoking. The mission is for the music to have a groove and be catchy without musicians scoffing at its simplicity. The band regularly tours around Florida and the southeast, with Tallahassee being their headquarters. The most common description of a Taller Trees live show is "fun," but don't think you won't also find some lyrical depth in each song if you kick back and listen at home.

(TDB Bio for reference): One year after they formed, Tyler Denning Band won the Tally Award for Best Musical Group in Tallahassee. Since then they have played hundreds of shows, including the Pepsi BamaJam Fest in Alabama (2012) and Magnolia Fest at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park (2014). Gaining a huge amount of experience playing in and around Florida has honed their live show into a confident, energetic, smooth-flowing performance.

The group’s discography consists of a full-length album, From The Ground Up (2013), and The Right Way EP (2014). The two projects document the evolution of the coastal soul sound, with blues-rock, reggae, and even folk songs flavoring the records. Denning makes good use of his Creative Writing degree with lyrical themes ranging from love and heartache to death and the fast pace of youth.