Fri, Mar 02 8:00PM
The Music Room




Artist Bios


Casual Cadenza is a four-piece jam band hailing from Atlanta, GA with all four members having roots in Athens, GA. Their jam band style is grounded largely in a southern rock sound, with elements of fusion beats and pop songwriting. Casual Cadenza's instrumentation includes DJ Rees on guitar and vocals, Bob Constable on drums, Jimmy Hadaway on bass and vocals, and Greg Jankoski on keyboards. A few influences on their sound include The Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band, and Steely Dan.


Dank, formerly Dank Sinatra, is the next installment in what is a long and storied history of Rock and Roll music. Combining rhythm and blues tradition with a modern sense of urgency and experimentation, Dank is pulling Rock music into the 21st century as it was meant to be heard and experienced. With energetic and unpredictable live performances, as well as a knack for the studio and all of its wizardry, this Atlanta five-piece is showing fans what it takes to rock in the torrid seas of a post-Napster musical climate. It's hard to pin down exactly what the Dank will become, or how far the band has come to get to where it is today, but at the core of this outfit is a red hot soul and a burning sense of modern day Rock and Roll magic.


A couple of solpunks based out of Atlanta. We like to mesh some old soul era music with the new stuff and sometimes we throw in some like 90s alternative/grunge. 

For a living we play at restaurants and pretend to be the famous musicians we cover. It helps us keep our own inner dream alive. 

We love to be nice to everyone and support other creatives any way we can. We have hosted many musicians from around the world at our house in which we like to make curry and French toast and icecream. BUT onstage we turn into superheroes. At least our close friends and family have shared with us. 

We aim to live in each moment; each moment we live.