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Artist Bios


Casual Cadenza is a four-piece rock/jam band hailing from Atlanta, GA with roots in Athens, GA. Feel-good music is what the band is all about. Their style is grounded largely in a southern-influenced sound, with a strong blend of catchy hooks and extended jams. In just 2 short years, the band has become a force to reckon with in the local jam scene, headlining venues across Atlanta. The band's instrumentation includes DJ Rees on electric guitar and vocals, Kyle Rees on drums, Ben Fraser on bass and vocals, and Spencer Williams on keyboards. High energy peaks and improvisation are the name of the game. You can hear a strong influence in Casual Cadenza's sound from bands like the Grateful Dead, The Allman Brothers Band, and Phish to name a few.


Three Star Revival was founded by frontman Ben Gaines and lead guitarist Cameron Moore in 2015. Gaines' gifts as a vocalist and songwriter had already earned him a local following in Knoxville, but things really took off when he met his collaborative partner in Moore. Moore is a veritable guitar prodigy, and a Memphis native who was raised on classic Stax records, and the blues and jazz scene still vibrant in his hometown. After jamming for a few sessions on some more folky and country tunes, Gaines and Moore began to rapidly expand their musical horizons, going electric and incorporating sounds from across the Americana landscape and beyond with forays into funk, soul, r&b, and jazz. Initially playing with a rotating cast of Knoxville musicians, Gaines and Moore solidified their touring lineup with keys player Gregory Walton, bassist Tyler Reddick, and drummer Bo Kitzman. The quintet sprang forth from East Tennessee with an exhilarating live show that always keeps the listener engaged with meaningful lyrics, strong songwriting, and ridiculous improvisational jams from the talented 5 piece group. Three Star Revival is rapidly growing around Tennessee and the Southeast, with a heavy touring schedule and new music on the horizon, this group has only begun to plant its roots in the musical landscape.


Originally started by lead guitarist Ryan Given, Tastebud has over thirty combined years experience in the music industry and has been gaining some serious traction in the greater Atlanta area. With all members having very similar but distinct backgrounds they all bring them heavy focus on styles like jazz, funk, southern rock, and psychedelic jams. Tastebud has been described as, ” A group that really brings the magic with them, to every venue they play.”

When TasteBud was started five years ago, the band played in a few small venues right outside of the D.C. area and later relocated to Atlanta. After the band took a couple years off to develop and refine their sound, TasteBud emerged as a promising talent in the Atlanta Music Scene. TasteBud has always been a band that was built on a foundation of friendship and family. A positive message that is associated with their music is the core value that is brought with them at every show they play.

After five years, Tastebud has a sound that is more refined than ever and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our sound. TasteBud’s mission is to create a jam-style listening experience like never before!