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Artist Bios


Chancy (Adjective) - Involving luck, risk or uncertainty

Chancey (band) - a soulful, Rhythm and blues trio, named after it's frontman and principal songwriter Matt Chancey. Pairing his efforts with drummer/percussionist Lucas Aldridge and keyboard player Nathaniel Melville, they share a diverse range of musical backgrounds to create a truly unique, yet endearingly familiar sound.


The Truehearts are a Nashville based Americana duo comprised of singer/songwriters Debra Buonaccorsi & Steve McWilliams. Their music is characterized by close harmonies and close ties to the roots of American country and folk music; rich with the sound of wood and steel and stories of the everyman. Their songs are melodic, expressive and muscular, ranging from melancholic ballads to boot-stomping rockabilly. 

“The Truehearts’ rich harmony blend and honest song-craft evokes the heart and soul of another Nashville duo, Wild Ponies. Purgatory Emporium is filled with people who are finding trouble and strife while imagining a finer place. “The story’s never right or never wrong, it’s just who sings the song,” Debra and Steve sing at album’s end. These stories found the right singers.”
Peter Cooper
(Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, music journalist, author)

“The music feels good, with guitars that jangle and shimmer, vocals and harmonies that recall Emmylou, Kelly Willis and Tom Petty, Steve Earle and even The Whites, The Jayhawks and Mary Chapin Carpenter, with an occasional sidelong glance at The Beatles”
Tommy Womack
(Singer-Songwriter, East Nashvillian Magazine)

"I've known Steve McWilliams for more years than I care to count. His music has always led from the heart, full of melody and an open spirit. With Debra, he has found a perfect partner, in voice and song and music. The Truehearts make you think and make you happy. What more could you ask for?"
Eric Brace
(Red Beet Records, Last Train Home)


Arts Fishing Club makes their musical berth in Nashville, TN and travels primarily throughout the midwest and east coast. Their sound blends modern indie-folk (Gregory Alan Isakov, The Head and the Heart, and Jose Gonzales) with classic 90s jam bands (Dave Matthews Band, Phish, OAR) to create a unique take on acoustic rock that will make you dance one moment and search your soul the next. In addition to the above influences, AFC is often compared to Edward Sharpe and Ben Harper. 

After completing a 1,600 mile 60+ show walking tour from Maine to Nashville as one of The Walking Guys (Google us!), Christopher Kessenich (guitar/vox) has been focusing on piecing together the members of Arts Fishing Club. He met Matt Siffert (bass) in spring 2016 at songwriters campfire. The two took to each others’ songwriting and began meeting to workshop songs. Then in late July, Kessenich was introduced to Peter Eddins (Keys) who landed in Nashville after completion of his Movie Scoring and Composition degree from Berkelee School of Music. The three began playing shows together and everything clicked.  

On AFC’s debut EP:The music drips with genuine reflection on classic stylings, including a bit of blues, pop, and certainly what we might call classic rock. If you’re looking for a nice “kick back and enjoy” album, you can’t go wrong with Arts Fishing Club.” - Greg Jones / Ear To The Ground Music

The group has gotten busy testing their sound on the road. Playing notable venues: The 40 Watt, Smith’s Olde Bar, Philly Folk Fest, and Newport Folk Festival. 

Arts Fishing Club is excited to be heading into the studio in Fall of 2017 to record their debut album as a group. Be on the lookout for more exciting things coming your way!


Piper, growing up in a small Kansas town, was drawn to music as a child influenced by her mother, an inspirational top-ten recording artist that toured most of Piper's childhood. Her own career began at fifteen as an actress and singer on the Disney sponsored sitcom iShine Knect. Since then she has been featured in numerous tv shows, podcasts, movies, America's Got Talent and has played concerts all over the United States, Canada and Africa. 
Her debut single "How's It Workin' For You" released in September 2017 had immediate radio play throughout the United States and has quickly made Piper a rising star to watch.