Wed, Mar 21 6:30PM
The Atlanta Room




Artist Bios


Choir of Babble is a rock band that blends aggressive and eerie tunes with soft memorable melodies that excite your auditory canal.


Dylan Swinson began playing guitar at the age of 10 in his childhood home in Summerville, South Carolina. He was inspired when his mother would play some of her favorite cds while dropping him off at school. These included albums from Better Than Ezra, The Cure, and Edwin McCain. One day, she puts in Jeff Buckley's Grace and Dylan was immediately hooked on the album. After watching Buckley's "Live in Chicago" DVD, he knew he wanted to learn how to be a musician.

​With his father being in the Air Force, Dylan and his family moved to Dover, Delaware in 2005. It was here where Dylan discovered his love for Pop Punk and Alternative Rock music as they were some of the most popular music genres in the school music scene. He started writing lyrics in his Freshman year at Caesar Rodney High School; but it wasn't until his Junior year that he started composing music for them. He spent his Senior year recording his first demo and playing garage and school coffeehouse shows around the area.

​During his time in Delaware, Dylan was contacted by Keith Urban's manager and was very impressed by his YouTube cover of Urban's "You'll Think of Me". The team used part of Dylan's cover video for a mini montage with other Youtuber's versions of the song to play on the screen during the Escape Together world tour in 2009. So you can say that Dylan Swinson went on tour with Keith Urban....kind of.

​In 2011, Dylan moved back to Charleston, South Carolina the day after his high school graduation. He began playing open mics around the area while attending The Art Institute of Charleston for Filmmaking. After graduating from The Art Institute in 2014, Dylan used his Graduation money to record his first EP "Freedom & Solitude", leaning toward an Acoustic Alternative Singer/Songwriter feel. It was released on July 15, 2015.

​Dylan currently records music at Hybrid Audio Solutions in Charleston, South Carolina with producers Thomas O' Brien (Trick Knee), Chris Viera, and Alan Price (Madam Adam). After meeting O' Brien at an open mic at the legendary Windjammer in Isle of Palms, he invited Dylan to the studio after being impressed with his powerhouse performance. Dylan currently releases singles periodically and has gone on to play in Columbia, SC; Atlanta, GA; and Savannah, GA. He was awarded i93.7 Walterboro's Male Singer/Songwriter of the year and took home two Independent Tone Awards (Upcoming Alternative Rock Artist and Upcoming Rock Artist) in 2016.

​Dylan views songwriting as a way to not only express himself, but also to spread a message to people. Whether it is a message about unity, self image, or following your dreams, Dylan hopes to inspire people that it is never too late to follow your dreams and work for them no matter who is for you or against you. Believe in yourself when no one else will.


Visc embraces disaster. It takes a horrible moment, like a broken signal, a detuned note, or a bleak situation, and looks at it through rose colored glasses. Through this (possibly misguided) optimism comes the spirit and idea of Visc.   Though the spirit of Visc is admittedly vague, the sounds of Visc are almost as hard to characterize. This difficulty is rooted in the fact that Visc has never really known what it is, and is constantly on a quest for self identification. It is at times as sweet as honey, with a clear shimmering guitar chord, and sometimes it crashes down with distorted analog chaos. The only constant is the smooth (once described as androgynous), voice of Dylan Fellows, carefully woven into the rhythm of each song, or laid softly on top like flowers on a casket.


Whitehall is the musical child of five young musicians based in Charleston, SC. since being formed in the winter of 2014, Whitehall has fused together the musical backgrounds of each member to create a diverse and unique style that is still evolving. Incorporating elements of rock, funk, jam, pop, folk, jazz, alt, and soul, the band thrives on experimenting and growing their sound with each note, then translating it all into a high energy, kick-ass live show.