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Mon, Sep 25 7:00PM
The Atlanta Room



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Choir of Babble is a rock band that blends aggressive and eerie tunes with soft memorable melodies that excite your auditory canal.


Crossing the threshold into a Pzzyfoot performance, you’re more than likely to lose yourself to a wave of hypnotic energy. Smashed between rollicking melody, flirtatious rhythm, and rowdy cheers from the crowd, the Atlanta quartet’s mesmerizing command of the stage offers the audience the opportunity to lose themselves in the experience. 

Steadily climbing their way to notoriety across south-eastern music scenes, Pzzyfoot has spent the last two years crafting a live performance that is dynamic, charming and unabashedly fun. Since their 2015 formation, the band’s founding members, Jamera Simmons (vocals), Julio Miranda (guitar), Monty Conner (bass) and drummer Joey Smith (who joined in 2016) have tirelessly worked to hone Pzzyfoot into a tight unit. 

Painting with an amalgamation of influences, PzzyFoot approaches their music like a blank musical canvas; taking smatterings of soul, pop and ‘80s rock ‘n’ roll to create a sound that resonates with brazen spirit. The band — voted “Best Pop Group” in Creative Loafing Atlanta's 2016 Readers Choice Awards — now have their sights set on pressing their electric live performance on to record. 

“Religion,” the first single from the band’s forthcoming debut album, is a track that encapsulates both Pzzyfoot’s pop sensibilities and the thematic intentions of the group. Upgrading from the raw, live-tracked energy of their previous Avatar EP, the in-house production of “Religion” (provided by Miranda) exhibits the kind of impact a group can have when fully immersing themselves in the performance and assembly of their album. 

Written by Jamera as a testament of omnipotent love for her family, her band and the world at large, like a siren’s song “Religion” beckons the listener to let their guard down and embrace their music wholeheartedly.   
“Love me like it’s your religion — Fall down on your knees, step into my love light” Jamera declares, anchoring the recording with the same alluring and resonant voice that makes their live performances so vibrant. 

In a world that craves a little extra soul-power, “Religion” proves to be a much-needed dose of musical uplift ; 

And with a tentative summer album release planned, Pzzyfoot’s formal debut is shaping up to be quite a lively introduction.


Rock Band from San Francisco CA. 

Adam Schuman: geeeders 6&4, voh-cals
Jeff Campbell: voh-cows, geeders 6&4
John Schuman: skinzzzzz & yelling in key