Small custard

Thu, Jul 20 7:00PM
The Atlanta Room



Artist Bios


Custard Pie is a 3-piece jam band from Valdosta, GA. Although you will hear some covers every night, you will also hear some of the most honest, and heartfelt stories told by Rory Joseph, the lead singer & guitar player of this self-proclaimed 'Cosmic Gypsy Jam' trio. He is accompanied by a young, melodic, dedicated student of the bass in Aaron Webb, whose choice of melodies & chord structure guide the best moments of improv and shape the foundation of the solos coming from the lead guitar. Finally, in the back on drums is Brandon Howell. This kid is creative, weird & downright nasty from the first downbeat until the end of the set, bringing flavors of reggae, jazz, latin, & metal into the mix to create an energy that is unparalleled. Brandon also contributes to the lyrical content & the vocals, and he has shared the stage with Georgia Legend, Danny Hutchins.

This band definitely favors playing the originals,  but some choice covers display a nice variety of influences ranging from Phish & Umphrey's McGee, to Erykah Badu & Charles Bradley, The Doors, Gary Clarke, Jr, and of course, Pink Floyd & The Grateful Dead. With the use of a drum machine, samples, loops, and heavy use of delay on the guitar, the sound has the potential to reach everything from George Benson or Steely Dan, 311 or Red Hot Chili Peppers, all the way to Ice Cube or Beck. It's funky & melodic, sometimes soft & sometimes borderline thrash metal...Custard Pie's live show is best seen when they are accompanied by their own Lighting Engineer, Megan Hedrick, who brings an amazing visual display of color with lasers and moving lights that has a very Phish, Umphrey's-vibe, but of course, not too big for the venues.

Recently, Marcus Parsley & Todd Smallie from Mofro came to watch Custard Pie play and eventually sat in on a few jams. Chris 'Critter' Ricker from Copious Jones also sat in a week later and the guitars were on fire! After opening up for Copious Jones, Yamadeo, Unbreakable Bloodline, Almost Kings, Morning Fatty, Shaun Hopper, Dave Matthews' guitar player Tim Reynolds & his band TR3, and one of their biggest influences of all time, Col. Bruce Hampton, Custard Pie has slowly been landing premium slots on smaller festivals like Wake Up Fest 2016, where the band played a short Friday evening set, followed by a 4 hour, 15 minute a.m. set until the generator quit. The following night, on the main stage, the boys played until & after the sun came up on Sunday for a weekend total of just around 10 hrs of Custard Pie music. Also in November,  the CPie boys will be took the stage to close out the 2016 Creek Revival Music Festival with a Grateful Dead infused Custard Pie performance with special guests Tim Teasley on keys & Tanner Strickland on guitar!

So with the new light show, many new friends & fans and a hard working, 'always playing' mentality, this band is ready for this exciting future ahead of them! Please sign up for emails from the band to stay updated on the latest in the Custard Pie world!!!

Rory Joseph - Guitars, Vocals & Loops
Aaron Webb - Bass & Vocals
Brandon Howell - Drums, Vocals, Percussion & Samples
Megan Hedrick - Light Engineer


SEX FARM lives Jazz. Also, we play other music.


The Original Complex has been jamming together since May of 2016, though many of the members have played together for years prior to the formation of The Original Complex. We specialize in original rock with a southern twist, and often play for hours on end. Venues love us b/c we keep people on their feet!