Sun, May 13 6:30PM
The Atlanta Room



Artist Bios


Kucoshka is an experimental punk band. You may like their music or you may not, but you will always be entertained at their live shows. Their latest album RAD Tantrum has been reviewed by Anthony Fantano, and Scaruffi, two of the biggest music reviewers on the internet.


ElectroChemical – unhinged psychedelic progtronica music spawned from the inner minds of Will Davis (bass) and Collin Fradenburg (drums). Residing in Asheville, North Carolina, they are described as a unique mixture of Shpongle meets Primus meets STS9. The truth is ElectroChemical merges disparate styles and sounds into something very new. Soup Williamson (Life is Art Studios) offers an unparalleled visual graphics performance at select events as the third member of this fast rising group. Insanely high energy shows, future funky soundscapes and intense musicianship are all things guaranteed at any ElectroChemical experience.

Incorporating dance beats, funky vibes and the energy of an uptempo electronic show, Electrochemical expands genres and declassifies the ability of music to only fit into one niche. Influenced by Shpongle, Les Claypool, Radiohead, Tipper and Tool, Electrochemical is excited to take you with them through space and time to bring you to the place where you can't help but explode with inspiration and positive energy.


A fairly fresh collection of ne'er-do-wells and hooligans enlightend by the mighty moon chief, now spreading the message to the people through instrumental, funky-rock-prog sonic landscapes.