Thu, May 10 7:00PM
The Atlanta Room



Artist Bios


Few Miles South is an up and coming country band currently based in Georgia. Single "on down the road" available everywhere online!


Caroline Keller was born on April 23, 1989, right in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina. A southern girl with a spirit as fiery as her red hair, Caroline grew up in a family that valued God and the gifts He grants to all of us. For Caroline, that gift came in the form of a voice. She began to pursue her dream of becoming a singer at a very early age and made a name for herself as a Christian Country singer, recording the album “Queen of the Highway” when she was just 16 years old. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences, she topped the Christian Country charts, with four songs ranked in the top ten.

Now, after years of training, hard work, and the artistry that comes not only from seeing life but from living it, Caroline uses her God-given gift and pursues her talents every day. She sings at Five Stone’s worship services each Sunday and remains very active within her church community. “I love my church,” she says. “I love it for the people, the message, for all of it.” But her work extends outside of that community as well.

She wants to inspire. The music moves her, and she’s a songwriter who understands that the hard parts of life — the parts that stick with you — can’t always be expressed with simple words. Sometimes, you have to put those words into a song.

With the support of her family and friends, and in special memory of her father, Dick Keller, Caroline continues to dream, to write, and to share her voice with the world. We hope you’ll have a look around, listen to the music, and share your thoughts. May God bless you.


Willie Heath Neal and Kira Annalise in an acoustic show that finally has a name! The Waymores isn't a band, it's a show. A damn fine one at that.
It has been written that Willie would have made any of his outlaw heroes proud, come let him take you back to the days when music had a purpose! Once Willie has you ready to rob banks and steal women , get ready for Kira to break your heart with honky tonk ballads sure to make a grown man cry.