Fri, May 18 8:00PM
The Atlanta Room



Artist Bios


Fields hails from somewhere between Atlanta and Athens. Formed by childhood friends and winners of the Vic Heyman songwriting award, Samuel and Caleb, Fields is an exercise of focus on bringing full band energy to lyrically driven songs.


“Stunning…” “absolutely mesmerizing…” “a charming testament to what makes music so wonderful…” are just a few of the phrases Rob Agocs just made up to try to promote himself. 
While he isn’t the most famous songwriter in the region, this up-and-coming musician tries to draw inspiration from his own experiences and imbue feelings of self-worth and hometown pride into his songs, and by association, his listeners. Born and raised in the peaceful suburbs of Atlanta, Rob spent his childhood and adolescence in a world where math and science were at the forefront, and music took a very loud back seat. After getting a mechanical engineering degree from Georgia Tech, he decided it was time to turn that around and let music do the driving.
His 2015 self-released debut album, “Proof of Concept,” was the first step in a long, ongoing journey of maturation and self-discovery. What started as a struggle between “honest feelings” and “what songs are supposed to sound like” became an album wrapped up in self-doubt and tied together with a jangly Rickenbacker twang.
It seems to be extremely difficult to be completely honest in songwriting, and in many (if not most) cases, honestly is overshadowed by cheap hooks, riffs, and glitzy production, and music is treated like a product to be manufactured and sold. Real magic happens when the glitz and glamor of a song stem directly from its honesty. At that point, the hooks seem to write themselves. 
Rob believes this is at least some of the secret behind what makes the music of some of his inspirations, like Tom Petty and Butch Walker, seem like they’ve always existed – it just took a prophet or two to put pen to paper and microphone to amplifier. That honesty is what he tries to convey in his music, particularly in his upcoming sophomore album, which is currently in production.


Founded in Suwanee, GA, Andy Liechty and Amanda Henke of Death Beard are a multi-instrumental duo whose live performances feature expressive harmonies and Americana-infused songs. Their lyrics are genuine and heartfelt, conveying longing, romanticism, and heartbreak not unlike the themes found in one of their greatest influences - classic country music. Other musical influences include classic musicians such as Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash and June Carter, and Elvis Presley. 

Originally from Chattanooga, TN, Andy is a staple amongst Atlanta musicians and an award-winning songwriter with several recorded albums that feature his incredible ability to capture emotion in song and play any instrument he touches. From the mountains of North Georgia, Amanda is a ukulele player and painter at heart who has used her extensive experience singing in choirs and a cappella groups to build intricate harmonies into songs.