Thu, May 18 7:00PM
The Atlanta Room



Artist Bios


FOXTRAX successfully sliced through the saturated scene in New York, because of their ability to produce a contemporary catchy chorus and haunting hook, all the while staying true to an authentic 60’s soul style, bluesy sound.This is evident throughout ‘The Cabin’ EP in which emotive lyrics, intricate instrumentals and pop-anthem style choruses allow FOXTRAX to effortlessly and effectively weave between genres.

Holing up in a cabin located in the woods of North Carolina for 5 weeks, the band wrote their debut EP “The Cabin”. 

Despite hailing from New York there is no evidence of the hustle and bustle synonymous with ‘big city life’ evident in their music. DJ Mark Goodman of Sirius XM’s “The Spectrum,” became a fan and avid supporter after seeing the band live, enthusiastically requesting to play The Cabin’s songs on-air and subsequently telling his listeners right from the start, “I love this band!”


Son & Thief is a post-garage band that smartly emerges from the Athens indie rock scene, re-inspired with the restless mind’s sensibilities. In the years leading up to the group’s formation, singer Shane Toriscelli crafted a number of works with the sole purpose of chronicling his very human experiences. During the fall of 2014, Toriscelli forged Son & Thief as the vessel that would house these songs. Soon, Shane sought out the abilities of guitarist and friend Deane Lawton, whose quiet vibrant style fleshed perfectly within Son & Thief’s vast atmosphere.

Drawing on the impressions of bands such as Bon Iver, Wilco, Valley Maker, and Beach House, Son & Thief’s variable style recounts the inner monologues of a man unearthing his own wisdom. He pleads for honest understanding and affection through navigating young love. He speaks with biting veracity and sobering mindfulness. He sings with haunting innocence that shepherds a rhythm section with ebb and flow that is brilliant and warm. This results from the band’s attention to tone and soundscape, affording them unique aural maturity and sonic range.

Refreshingly forthright, Son & Thief is complete in intention. They are humble, distinguished, and compellingly relatable, all at once.