Fri, Jan 26 8:00PM
The Music Room




Artist Bios


Hailing from Athens, Georgia and currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Greco is a band consisting of the four brothers Sebastian Greco (vocals), Joshua Greco (lead guitar),  Zach Greco (bass), and Gabriel Greco (drums). 

Greco's music is summoned up into four words: Sing. Dance. Sweat. Sex. Their music is a blend of modern hooks layered over classic songwriting and lyrics. Take the blistering riffs of Led Zeppelin and the sci-fi humanism of David Bowie and they have a lovechild who was raised by living on the road with the Rolling Stones. Greco's music connects to the audience through common experiences everyone has had and lets them jump and interact in their own way. 

Greco's latest stage show reflects their breaking out of the stereotypical pop rock genre, finding where their audience's emotions live, and starting a wild and morally ambiguous party. Their music is influenced by dirty bits of life that happens to everyone and relating to how we can keep pushing on. 


You're on a desert road. You see something in the distance. It looks too big to be real. It's probably on fire. As it gets closer, you realize it's the biggest motorcycle you have ever seen. And there's a skeleton on it. It's on fire, you're sure of it now.


This is Fantomen, Atlanta’s exciting new rock and roll four piece featuring veterans of the Atlanta music scene. Fantomen has been stunning crowds with strange, exciting rock and roll since its debut in late 2016. Already featured on The Scoped Podcast, Fantomen is answering the buzz generated by its high octane live show with its debut single “Lights in the Woods” recorded and produced by Damon Moon of Standard Electric Recorders, Co.


Listen if you love: Queens of the Stone Age, giant skeletons, Ghost, WWI biplanes doing loops in the air with smoke coming out of the back, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, real motorcycle clubs, Baroness, that one part in the Exorcist with Pazuzu’s real face.


ATL based Honey Strikes is a long time staple of the Atlanta Rock Scene.