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Tue, Apr 10 7:00PM
The Atlanta Room



Artist Bios


Rap artist, Producer, and Song Writer Timothy Russell AKA Guilla is an artist known for his esoteric, often sagacious and juxtaposing style and extreme emphasis on percussion. His travels at a young age reflect a style influenced by an array of sounds and genre’s.

Guilla was raised in a household where his father - a DJ from New York - and Mother - an Opera Singer from England - traveled avidly due to his father’s military career. Guilla was born in Japan, but journeyed to central California, England, Northern California, Virginia, and eventually, Texas. It was during his time in Virginia that he began to realize his dream as a musician.

Virginia has produced such Hip-Hop and R&B legends as The Neptunes, Timberland & Missy Elliot, which Guilla credits as some of his favorite artists. Spending much time in Virginia Beach on a scholarship at Virginia Wesleyan College, he began to develop his musical talents inspired by the rich musical culture of the Old Dominion State. Although he claims his biggest production influence is the Icelandic artist known as Björk. After losing a tennis scholarship in 2008 due to an injury, he relocated to the University of Houston to focus on his Psychology degree.

It was in Houston Texas that Guilotine started producing. After establishing his dexterity in production, Guilotine met with an underground artist by the name of Paco Dandada. During a recording session, Dandada encouraged Guilotine to write a verse to a song that was being recorded. It was during this same recording session that Guilotine wrote his first 16 bars and was invariably introduced to his favorite medium, rapping.

Guilla is an avid gamer and anime fan - a facet often reflected in his music from the surrealism, to the often operatic soundtracks of many anime productions. It's something that real inspires him, the creative worlds and universes create a landscape for his ideas to flow.

After recording 3 projects: "FYI Volume One," "The Failure," and "Super Novas" (all unreleased do to dissatisfaction of the final Product) Guilotine signed to Cloudopolis Entertainment and began to receive the guidance and structure he needed to released his first single "Gravity" in 2013. Accompanied by a close friend and fellow artist from Houston, Kenno Supreme.

Currently Guilotine is working on an several different projects with artists, MrMark, Kenno Supreme, and other artist from around the country. His much anticipated album will be produced by Guilla himself and feature a variety of genres, from DubHop, to Trap, to Esoteric. The next installment will be called, "Almost Accepted" is rescheduled to be released this summer.


Soulful and sweet / gritty and biting - his music is a broad spectrum. Oliver Penn is a guitarist and singer who brings a refreshing fervor to the stage.

Born and raised in Providence, RI, Oliver was autonomous from the start. Teaching himself to play drums and guitar, he began listening and playing along to anything he could find. Before starting high school, he moved with his family to Houston where he was introduced to the Texas music scene, and subsequently fell in love with the blues.

After going back to Providence for college, Oliver began casually playing in bands around town. He then formed his own group, introducing his new sound to the Northeast. Oliver is now back in Houston and ready to take the scene by storm.

Oliver has a distinct sound that expresses elements of both blues-rock and funk that is sure to keep evolving. New music, merch, and performances are on the horizon.