Tue, Sep 19 7:00PM
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Artist Bios


Born and raised in Atlanta, GA of his father's church, there is no denying his southern influence. Filling in from a young age on any instrument that was needed in that lively pentecostal church, he quickly began molding his musical roots in black gospel and hymns. It was clear through his youth, he was being groomed to be a musical figure in the church world but like many of us, he realized there was more to life and more to faith than “church”. 

After relocating to Savannah, GA, his rediscovery of his faith and his music began. He never thought as himself as a writer but in 2014, he wrote his first EP titled ‘Magnolia Bloom”. Writing became something as equal to playing instruments for people and definately more fulfilling than singing and playing covers at the local bars. 

2017 is a promising year for Isaac and his band. Their new record titled "Young or Old" is set to release in September. In the last few years, they've grown as a band and evolved their sound into a unique blend of rock, folk, and alt country pop while keeping a soulful approach.


Brewing up 50's feel good dance hall music with a rock edge.


“10 pounds of fun in a five-pound sack and a rollicking good time…New wine in an old bottle… If you need something to smile about, if you’ve had a bad day and just want to feel good for a while, the Gentlemen (and the Lady) are the prescription.” – The Chattanooga Pulse

Caleb Warren and the Perfect Gentlemen are indeed the “New wine in an old bottle” that fits the prescription for a new generation of revivalists. They bridge the gap between the music of the old-timey speakeasies and juke joints with the voice of a new generation by blending the timeless traditions of Americana and Western Swing with a uniquely hot and fresh flavor that transcends genre. Their acoustic brass ‘n’ brew-grass tunes include raucous barnburners and heart-breaking ballads that continue to intoxicate audiences with performances of the highest spirits. Whether on the river or on the rug, Caleb & the Gents are here to serve and sweep you off your feet, so drink ‘em down and get ready to dance.

Caleb Warren and the Perfect Gentlemen is led by the compelling crooner Caleb Warren, whose engaging lyrics and rhythm guitar keeps the audience swingin’ and swayin’. He’s accompanied by Colt Bowen (percussion), Dave Aitken (lead guitar and banjo), Jenna Mobley (fiddle), Robert Green (trumpet), and Ian Blanton (upright bass). Caleb Warren hails from Chattanooga, TN and the rest of the band is based in Atlanta, GA. A few of their influences include Django Reinhardt, Jimmie Rodgers, and Tampa Red. Their inspiring ability to communicate and stay in sync despite their technical complexity is only surpassed by their strong solos and independent personalities that come across in their performances as both individuals and a lively unified organism with a truly organic sound.

“We’re not old-time musicians,” says Warren. “We’re a new generation of musicians carrying on, and putting our personal touch, on the great tradition of the most talented musicians before us. Hopefully we can help to show the next generation of musicians that there is a wealth of great music that is just waiting for them to discover it and carry it on with us.”

So if you can swing it, come early, stay late, and don your dancing (and drinking) shoes. Spend a night of entertainment with this toe-tappin’, foot-stompin’, genre bendin’, string strummin’ fusion band. They’re rough and rowdy, technical and tight, but never ever high strung. These tunes will have you cutting a rug before you know it. Every chance they get to churn out tunes, they’re always set up and ready to go. They’re a rare vintage ripped, ready, and rarin’ to exercise and celebrate the right to perform their craft.