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Mon, May 02 7:00PM
The Atlanta Room



Artist Bios


Isaac & Joel, the musical project of lifelong friends Isaac George and Joel Norman, is an indie-pop duo from the outskirts of Atlanta. They began making music together in middle school, recording covers and freestyle raps on their parents' computers. Now in their early 20's, they have become more serious about their music, while still retaining the freedom of being young and somewhat reckless. This youthful, daring style exemplifies itself in their music, but is accompanied by both member's love for classical composers such as J.S. Bach, Haydn, and Brahms, giving the listener something deeper than the average pop song.


Jordy Searcy is a bright young singer/songwriter on the American independent music scene, but beyond that, he knows how to write and perform in a way that emotionally communicates. Jordy's carefully crafted songs have the modern energy of artists like Ed Sheeran and Ben Rector, and the timeless quality of artists such as James Taylor and Paul McCartney. All of the coaches on The Voice had something good to say about him when he climbed the ranks of the television singing competition in 2014. 
After the show, Jordy recorded and released his debut 4 song EP "Seasons" which went to #5 on Apple Music singer/songwriter charts. Jordy has since racked up close to 100,000 song streams and 130,000 youtube views. In 2016, Jordy and his co-manager, Scooter Spicer, booked and played over 200 shows in college markets across the States, releasing a hard-copy-only mixtape and growing an engaging live audience. Later in 2016, Jordy signed with Brave Enough Artist booking agency.


This soulful storyteller began his musical journey in NYC at the beginning of 2015 and has recently garnered the attention of the music industry as an emerging force as a soulful singer/songwriter. Jae is based out of Atlanta, GA, touring the world and is preparing to release new music in the coming months. 

Similar to other "come-from-nowhere" stories, JAE JIN inadvertently and suddenly caught the attention of the world with a no-frills viral cover of a 1960s soul classic by Sam Cooke. What followed was interest from music labels, music executives, management firms, and even numerous major network reality TV shows. 

After graduating from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in both undergraduate and graduate studies, and working in healthcare management, business, and social justice for numerous years, he found himself preparing to begin graduate studies in an MD/MBA program. Despite support from family and friends to continue down a well-defined career path, he boldly passed up the opportunity, favoring the passion he has for music, songwriting, and the creative arts, citing his source of courage as a two-time survivor. His passions have been honed by his experiences as a 14-year oncology patient and TWO-TIME SURVIVOR. 

After 13 years in Baltimore, Jae packed his entire life into two suitcases, and relocated to New York City for all of 2015 as he began his musical journey. He played out almost 100 shows in his first year including even global shows in Paris and London. Jae successfully debuted his first album, titled KAIROS, which was done independently and released in late 2015. What followed was a stamp of approval and sign-off in the form of his first album distribution deal with Sony Music Global in Korea which has led to a mounting catalog of music featured in numerous Korean Dramas and TV shows in 2016. 

Jae has also been featured in numerous press including THE HUFFINGTON POST and his passions have even led him to be featured as a a principal actor as a musician on the original NetFlix TV show, HOUSE OF CARDS. 

His newest endeavors are constantly pushing his own boundaries and expectations. Jae believes that he is only at less than 5% of where he believes he will eventually get as an artist, writer, and musician. He continues to work endlessly toward cultivating his crafts. Jae continues to travel the world and share his unique life story and music.