Small kweeeeen

Sat, Feb 18 9:00PM
The Atlanta Room




Artist Bios


 Kween started writing music after she lost her son Elijah to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and knew one day she would be a part of a band that would play her song about her son "Million Dolla Baby" for the world to hear. After hearing about the initial project and its purpose Mel decided to come on board and together they began to form a band that Mel named NuExperiance.

By aligning their unwavering dedication to the do-it-yourself work ethic with a signature sound, lead singer/songwriter Jacqueline aka Kween, bassist Erasmo Sosa, drummer/composer Mel Lightfoot, and keyboardist/producer Jason Grimes are on the move to create a new experience for listeners in the Neo-Soul, Blues, Pop and R&B world. All it took was for a few people with a like vision to come together and just like that they began to make magic.

 It is the release of their debut album D.I.A.R.Y acronym for DEVOTE-IGNITE-ACCEPT-REVIVE YOURSELF that will mark their true musical introduction to the world, and Kweens single ‘Million Dolla Baby” will help raise awareness about S.I.Ds near and far. It was music that healed each member at some catastrophic time in their lives and their ultimate goal is to give that gift back through music derived from the soul.