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Matrixx of Domination takes the edginess of Rihanna and blends it with the creativeness of Tupac.
When was the last time you peeled your ears back for a female rock group? In fact, not only are there very few female rock groups, but there is a cookie cutter standard for women in the industry. Individuality and creativity have taken a back seat to money and industry-defined standards and images.

But what happens when the on the scene appears a group that cannot be defined or detained, embodying shear musical talent and ability? Matrixx of Domination, whose musical sound would mostly closely be associated with alternative rock, is poised to refresh the music industry by bringing uniqueness, originality and true vision back to music. Comprised of sisters Crys and Chie, Matrixx of Domination will return music back to its rightful owners, the true music lovers. With both sisters having musical backgrounds that span classical, jazz, hip hop, R&B and rock, over more than 15 years, they were able to combine their varying musical and personal experiences into an album that not only entertains but teaches life lessons.

Matrixx of Domination is not an assimilation of the current industry’s sound and style. They have been gaining attention from music lovers across genres. The term “matrix of domination” refers to the types of oppression that all people have experienced, whether by race, sex, class, gender, age or sexual orientation. Matrixx of Domination takes this pain and not only expresses it, but brings you an unforgettable, rebellious sound that eventually furthers growth. Inspired by risk taking artists such as Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Alanis Morissette, Tupac Shakur, Madonna, and James Brown, Matrixx of Domination has a progressive style that infuses all genres of music into one exclusive sound.

No longer must there be a line drawn between rock and roll, R&B, pop and hip hop, as Matrixx of Domination does not abide by industry lines, rules or standards. Creative, bold, sassy, sexy, fun, what you wanted to say and what you hoped you didn’t. Matrixx of Domination is unlike anything you have set your ears on, but once you listen, you will never want to hear the “same ole same ole” again. Not what you have heard. Not what you have seen and not what you think they should be. These sisters undoubtedly live up to the name, Matrixx of Domination.


Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, these are just a few words that can be used to describe Timothy J. Wilson. This son of a preacher was raised twenty minutes from New York City in White Plains, N.Y. Being so close to the big apple, he was afforded the opportunity of performing in many venues all around the city. He’s performed at Café Wah, the Village Underground, Justin’s, Club Groove, The Soul Café, Wilson’s, The Sugar Bar, etc. In late March of 2011, Timothy relocated from NY State to Atlanta, Ga. to promote his “Kiss Me” LP, which was released on his very own Tim’elody Records label. Not even in Atlanta for five months, Timothy had already sold 1,000 copies of the Album hand to hand by the end of July. In Atlanta, Timothy has performed at the Apache Café, Urban Grind, Kat’s Café, Centennial Olympic Park, Marlee’s Coffee & Tea House, Georgia State University, Kennesaw State University, Jamaica Flava, The Sweet Auburn Spring Fest, Salon Moraee, The Dogwood Festival, and has also put in time “Street Performing” at Lil’ Five Points, and Atlantic Station. In February of 2012, Timothy was crowned the winner for the month of January 2012 on the social networking site; with the most votes for one of his live performance videos. In that same month, Timothy was chosen by casting director Alpha Tyler as a featured singer, on a Season 2 episode of the BET show, “Let’s Stay Together”. In March of that same year, Timothy launched his very own show, “Timothy J. Wilson Live!” at Food for life supreme where his fans/supporters could come and see him perform an hour long show for free. In April of 2012, Timothy was chosen by music industry veteran Shanti Das (Laface, Arista, Universal Motown) to perform as the “Artist of the month” at her popular event, “ATL Live on the Park”, which always brings out a host of music industry movers & shakers, professional athletes and celebrities. About that performance, wrote: “ATL Live on the Park Artist of the month, Timothy J. Wilson, executed a jaw-dropping performance, pleasing the entire audience with his musical talents.” Timothy was also a featured performer at the inaugural, Atlanta Street Food Festival” held at Piedmont Park in July of 2012; where he performed for a crowd of over 8,000 people. As 2013 came in, it found Timothy in the studio recording what would become his second EP, “Born to Love” which was released in the fall of that year as a free download on his website. Not long after, he released the “Born to Love” music video. In the summer of 2014, Timothy began performing a weekly show on Saturday evenings at Bishop’s Coffee & Tea in midtown Atlanta, which helped increase his fan base tremendously. In November of that same year, Timothy landed his first major film, playing the role of Verdine White, the legendary bassist of the band, Earth, Wind, & Fire in the Warner Brothers film, “The Nice Guys”, starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. The movie was released on May 20, 2016. In May 2015, Timothy released his third EP “LOVESONGWRITER”, and quickly followed it up with the November release of his fourth EP, “BEATS, BASS, PARTY”. He would eventually go on to release four music videos from that EP. On May 13th of 2016, Timothy released a Full-Length album entitled, “The Unplugged Sessions” which also marked his 3rd project released within a year’s time.


Fat Arm Daddy is a rock and roll band from Athens, GA., playing original music and covers of Clapton, Beatles, Dylan, the Band, The Who and more classic rock.


A Creative Writing student at Florida State University, Ty'Zen decided to begin honing his skills for songwriting and aspired to venture out as a performer. On 12/13/14, he released an amateur mixtape, Rebellious Melodies, as a method of expression and the first act towards becoming an indie artist. Ty'Zen wrote with a hope to be influential and create content that touched on social issues, creating compassion and promoting growth. He took his desire further by releasing his first professional work, an EP entitled Undefined. The EP and its two video releases garnered positive attention, resulting in the independent artist being presented four music deal opportunities, performing at over 100 events (and headlining some of them), being featured in a Rave magazine article, being named a BMPE Spotlight Artist, and receiving radio play across the United States and Australia. His body of work spans across boundaries and embodies a common theme – living life. Ty’Zen’s Rock & Soul voice, eclectic ideas, emotive sounds, and sincere lyricism unify to create a glimpse into his thoughts and passions, exuding expression. His latest project, an album entitled On the Edge was released on September 6th, 2016.