Thu, Dec 14 7:00PM
The Atlanta Room



Artist Bios


It was August 2015, and Sarah Rose had reached her limit with the Atlanta music scene. It wasn’t you—it was her. Both Sarah’s and her friend Kienan’s respective bands had met their demise a year previously, and to be honest, it was a weight off their shoulders. There had been social expectations that were impossible to meet, and the music had become predictable, like so many other local bands. But there was hope. There was a vision of something better in the back of their minds, a vision that soon became the unstoppable, stumbling juggernaut known as Sarah & the Safe Word. Since that fateful summer, after releasing their first EP Afterlife and adding Brandon Ward to the group, Sarah & the Safe Word has played the main stage at GMX in Nashville, successfully completed a $1,000+ fundraising campaign, been invited to open for and play with several national touring acts, and been produced by Ace Enders (The Early November) and Bradley Walden (Emarosa), with their first major release poised to be set loose in early 2017. 
Sarah & the Safe Word promise a theatrical experience for their live events, and they strive to set themselves apart from at least 91% of the musical acts you’ve seen—let’s face it, we’re not competing with Beyoncé. But if you’re one of those people who’s still waiting for Panic! At the Disco to stop fucking around and release their real second record, look no further. If you’re sick of checking out your friend’s new favorite band and realizing they don’t reference pirates, ghosts or unicorns anywhere, look no further. Real talk—if you’re disappointed in the musical acts featured at your local anime, comic book, or sci-fi convention, then look no further. Hell, learn an instrument and shoot us an email. You’d fit in with us suspiciously well. Strange doings are afoot, and wicked things come this way, so we’d love it if you’d join us.


Taemon, Dave, and Marisa are the three talented musicians that are BullMoose. After a few changes in line up, the band has become a powerful force with a very unique sound. Our goal is to create meaningful music with an original sound that can bring people together through our shared experiences. We hope that the music we create will empower those that listen and in turn, have a positive effect on many more.


The Sunsets provide an energetic show like no other. With original material influenced by 1980s new wave rock, the band delivers a high energy show with crisp synthesizers, driving guitars, explosive drums, and a roaring saxophone that is sure to get you off your feet.

The band plans to release an EP this fall leading up to their debut album in 2018. Their debut album is currently in the mixing/mastering stage and was recorded at The Sound Shelter under producer/engineer Brett R. Stewart. 

Their debut "Fatal Attraction" EP was recorded in Nashville, TN at The Sound Shelter and is now available on Apple Music as well as other major music distributors.

The band has performed over 80 shows in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida at various venues including clubs, restaurants, bars, houses, universities, and scuba diving parks. Most recently, the band will be performing on August 26th at Sidney's Saloon as part of the 25th Cutting Edge (CE) Music Industry Conference in New Orleans, LA. 

Most notably, the band has had several high-profile engagements providing direct support for Alvarez Kings (Warner Bros. Records / Sire), Emarosa (Hopeless Records / Rise Records), and The Ataris at the infamous Masquerade in Atlanta, GA. 

The band also participates in philanthropical ventures and has partnered with Children's Miracle Network, The Choice: A Mental Health Initiative, Neverthirst India Well Project, and The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.