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As arguably life’s greatest mystery the ability to captivate an audience en route to downright astonishing them is a gift reserved for a select few blessed with the rare ability to sing, rap, or both on a level in which time remarkably stops to pay homage to unearthly genius. Well meet the clock stopper “Septymber” whose hard hitting rhymes and smooth angelic voice has her poised to become the new standard for music excellence…bar none.
A bonified quadruple threat compliments of being a first class MC, proven songstress, thought provoking lyricist and mesmerizing performer are the intangibles that have helped to make “Septymber” in a relative short period of time one of the most anticipated new artist of any genre. While as humble as she is talented the facts remain it’s been more than a decade since either hip hop or the rest of the music business for that matter has witnessed such a larger than life talent. The torch bearer for the next generation of highly skilled all around performers is the badge of honor so proudly worn by an entertainer whose character is equal to her mind boggling skills as a musician.
Born in tiny Statesboro, GA where the population is less than 30,000 residents she would later relocate to music Mecca Atlanta, GA at the tender age of 5 years old. Growing up in a part of the country that was then laying the foundation for future global entertainment dominance Atlanta, GA is as much a part of who “Septymber” is as is her uncanny ability to craft timeless classics that challenges the mind and soothes the soul. Steadfast in her unbreakable faith and relentless in pursuing music excellence since a young girl who at age 14 penned her first tune entitled “The Eighth” represents the indelible mindset of an electrifying artist who at just 19 years of age already displays a maturity level of seasoned industry veterans three times her senior.
With her career consuming the majority of her time “Septymber” who recently graduated from Chapel Hill High School with honors still makes time for favorites such as: reading the bible, writing poetry, rocking the color green, watching Def Jam Poetry and last but certainly not least eating bread + butter pickles. The consummate performer “Septymber” has more than paid her underground dues logging to date countless shows in and around greater Atlanta often in front of sold out venues. Influenced most by Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, Adele, The Fugees, Andre 3000 and the late greats Tupac, Etta James, Nina Simone and Billy Holiday represents the level of success sought by an entertainer who music will undoubtedly stand the test of time.
Currently riding high off of the massive buzz created over her groundbreaking debut single titled “Muziq” and being signed to one of the most heralded independent record labels in the country Stage Frite Music Group headed by longtime industry executives Sheldrick “Doc Holiday” Holmes and Roderick “Redd” Gist along with the co management expertise of her mother/manager Pamela Corley is proof that a rose can rise from even the most desolate of places as the once small town girl from rural Georgia is now cusp of international super stardom.


Indie/Pop band from Nashville!


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