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Sonia Tetlow is musician who studies the craft of song, a songwriter who performs with abandon, giving herself freely to the moment of live music making. She has fronted her own bands and played multiple instruments in others, including guitar, mandolin, bass, and banjo. She has toured nationally as the bass player for Cowboy Mouth and the guitar and mandolin player for Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show, and regionally as the banjo player for Roxie Watson and guitar player for STB. A prolific songwriter, Tetlow has officially released three solo albums (2014, 2012, 2006), three albums with Roxie Watson (2014, 2012, 2010), one album with Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show (2012), one album and EP with Herman Put Down the Gun (2010, 2008), one album with Cowboy Mouth (2005), and two albums with STB (2002, 2000). Tetlow's songs also have been performed and recorded by artists such as Bonerama, Glen David Andrews, Paul Sanchez, Arséne DeLay, Cowboy Mouth, Roxie Watson, Maid of Orleans, and Jamie Vessels.

Tetlow's latest record, A Place for Everyone (released in November 2014) was recorded half in New Orleans and half it Atlanta, and features guest appearances from both cities, including the Indigo Girls' Amy Ray and Bonerama's Craig Klein. The 13 songs on the album showcase Tetlow's own special blend of rock 'n roll and Americana with a New Orleans flair.


This born-and-bred North Carolinian has had her roots in music and songwriting all her life; from starting a band with the neighborhood kids in elementary school to working with and learning from professional songwriters and musicians, Jamie has always lived and breathed music.

Jamie graduated with a Master's degree in Criminal Justice, and soon after decided to explore her passion for all things music. Her ability to weave story and music stems from her own experiences as well as incisive observations of the everyday human experience. Jamie has always expressed a desire for love and healing of the whole person, no matter their background or circumstance. She truly believes that music can transcend and accomplish this, and her music is a reflection of her nature.

Though she may be rocking cowboy boots, her music is far from country -- her style starts off in folk and meanders to full-blown blues/rock.

This newcomer to the music scene started out at open mics and acoustic shows, getting rave reviews from day one. She wrapped recording on her FIRST full-length album and EP at the start of 2013.


B.E.N is the musical expression of regular, everyday life in a way that is completely irregular.

B.E.N is Benjamin Ryan Williams, a Texas-born, Atlanta-bred bassist with a penchant for combining his influences into a solo experimental musical style that is unlike any other. After receiving a poetry scholarship to Oglethorpe University, Benjamin began touring full-time as a musician in 2010. After some time of Econoline van sleeping and Hampton Inn breakfasts, Benjamin was recruited to join folk music legends Indigo Girls, with whom he has recorded and played bass for since 2012. Benjamin also became a first call session bassist in Atlanta working closely with many of the cities top hip hop producers including the heralded DJ Burn One & DJ Toomp.

The combination of touring with a Grammy-winning folk act mixed with recording with Grammy-winning hip hop acts helped Benjamin see a common thread about harnessing the energy of originality through the pursuit of music: the rules are man-made.

B.E.N is a project all about the expression of the individual with a drive to stand out on his own. Somewhere in-between Drake & Debussy, B.E.N composes music with nods to folk, impressionism, and the avant-garde. The music is entirely comprised of sounds from the bass guitar, exploring fresh and exciting boundaries for the instrument. With thoughtful harmony, odd song structures, and opaque timbres, listening to B.E.N's music is at times as similar to reading poetry as it is listening to a performance. Oddity made accessible.

In a time when the music industry seems to have no rules, B.E.N has even less.