Tue, Sep 19 7:00PM
The Atlanta Room



Artist Bios


We are Steady Common. Friends that love music from Kennesaw and Marietta, Georgia. The ingredients of our tunes include a pinch of Folk, a dashing of Blues, and a splash of Funk all blended together into a soulful Alternative Rock. We like to make you dance, make you laugh, and possibly even make you shed a tear or two. Come Ye, Come All. 

The Steady Common has a sound for everyone with a wide variety of genres subtly blended into a tune that anyone can enjoy. There's nothing better than seeing a crowd full of diversity all gathered in one, common place. People with completely opposing views able to stand next to each other with a steady satisfaction. That is what we are here for. We like to make you dance, make you laugh, and maybe even make you shed a tear or two. Who knows? Let's just have some fun!

We are Steady Common, not us, but we. This isn't a band, this is a community. A group of friends that came together to make something more than a product. We strive to provide a place for anyone to come and feel welcomed. You can hate our music, you can hate our clothes, you may even hate our faces, but we love you. Time is too short to make a fuss about the little things. We want to be liked, sure, but we aren't caught up in that. We want to help more than anything and hope that our music is a good start. Please, stop by a show and strike up a conversation with us. Let us show you that we are more than dudes on a stage trying to be cool. This is our passion, not just the music, but you.


The early formation of The Hearsay began in Spring of 2016, when longtime friends and musical partners-in-crime Ashton May and Travis Schmidt, decided to take their musical shenanigans out of the basement and onto the stage. With the eventual addition of lead guitar Jeff Holcombe and Ryan Sterritt bringing the rhythm, The Hearsay rounded out their sound. Their music features strong vocals, tight harmonies, and a blend of musical influences, giving the band a unique alternative-pop-rock sound.


Four XL monster energy cans filled with piss. Loud heavy pop rock from HELL.