Small tall bear

Wed, Jul 29 7:00PM
The Music Room


$5 at door

Artist Bios


Tall Bear is an alternative band from Atlanta GA. The band consists of singer Jonathan Ray, guitarist Shane Cole, bassist Sam Bedingfield, and drummer Brandon Whitley. The band began as a personal writing project of Jonathan Ray in 2010 and stayed fairly underground until the four members met and joined together in 2013. Ray, Cole, Bedingfield, and Whitley met and began playing music together through the Atlanta music scene and mutual friends. Through the process of playing some local shows and writing new songs, the band, which at the time was just Jonathan, quickly became three members larger.

"For me, the vision of Tall Bear has always been creating art that comes from a place of honesty, writing and singing from a place of vulnerability, giving away memories and moments that matter to me through those songs. Adding Sam, Shane, and Brandon as band-mates only strengthened and enhanced that vision, making the future sounds and direction of Tall Bear something greater than I could've ever achieved alone." states singer and band founder, Jonathan Ray.

You definitely can't listen to Tall Bear without hearing that honesty. The songs of Tall Bear sound like what they speak of. Themes of youth, growing up, family, as well as love and loss are woven throughout the band's music. Take a listen for yourself and see (or hear). The band is currently booking live shows as well as promoting their latest self-titled recording project released in April of this year. (iTunes)


Spearheaded by David John Lanier, Munook is a project that explores studio experimentation, live remixes, onstage production, and fusing electronic/digital music with live instrumentation.

Independently owned and operated under Ninja Dave Soundwaves LLC & Parasaurolophusongs Publishing, Munook is a multifaceted project working in cooperation with other artists represented by their own small, independent business. i.e. The project is homegrown and encourages community & sincere, free expression out from under the control of outside influences.

The first album, "In & of It" is available for streaming, downloading, or purchasing via, where you can also find updates, social media, video, performance announcements, blog, merchandise, etc.


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