Sat, Jul 15 9:00PM
The Atlanta Room




Artist Bios


The Buzzards of Fuzz want to party with you…


For fans of Queens of the Stone Age, Blue Oyster Cult, or Roky Erickson – The Buzzards of Fuzz is a four piece rock outfit from Atlanta with the sound of a ‘72 Corvette Stingray plowing through the desert on half a tank of bourbon.


Their legendary live shows and blistering singles have earned the group slots opening for Guitar Legend Dick Dale, Yawning Man, Truckfighters, Cage The Elephant, White Reaper, Gov’t Mule, 1,000 Mods, Low Cut Connie and Primus.

The band’s newest release Hey! Hate City is Streaming everywhere now!



Silent Monolith was formed in Nashville, TN in 2011 by a few hefty Sabbath, Clutch, and Kyuss loving dudes. Wanting to just be able to riff out and play music they love to play, they started jamming and thus the band was born. "No egos, just riffs" is one of the band's motto's and staying true to that has helped the band get to where they are today. Writing and playing since it's inception, Silent Monolith have just been trying to add their spoke to an already bad ass rock "wheel." They have released their EP, titled "Another Way to Fly" in January of 2015. Stay tuned cause this year could be a good one for Silent Monolith.


BAST - A female fronted power rock trio from Atlanta, GA., features Vanessa Izabella (award winning guitarist and lead vocalist) Hugh Ellis (bass and backup vocals) and Tony Panzarella (percussion). Forging a unique brand of punchy and direct music, they couple melodic songwriting with captivating guitar work and a Rush/Zeppelin influenced rhythm section. Currently the band is wrapping up their EP in preparation for a regional summer tour starting in July 2014


You're on a desert road. You see something in the distance. It looks too big to be real. It's probably on fire. As it gets closer, you realize it's the biggest motorcycle you have ever seen. And there's a skeleton on it. It's on fire, you're sure of it now.


This is Fantomen, Atlanta’s exciting new rock and roll four piece featuring veterans of the Atlanta music scene. Fantomen has been stunning crowds with strange, exciting rock and roll since its debut in late 2016. Already featured on The Scoped Podcast, Fantomen is answering the buzz generated by its high octane live show with its debut single “Lights in the Woods” recorded and produced by Damon Moon of Standard Electric Recorders, Co.


Listen if you love: Queens of the Stone Age, giant skeletons, Ghost, WWI biplanes doing loops in the air with smoke coming out of the back, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, real motorcycle clubs, Baroness, that one part in the Exorcist with Pazuzu’s real face.