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The Howling Tongues are a 5-piece rock-n-roll outfit from Atlanta, Ga. After years of incessant rehearsals and touring, they have developed a large and growing fan base around the country. The Tongues are quickly becoming a household name in today’s music industry.

In August of 2011, guitarist Nick Magliochetti, lead vocalist Taylor Harlow, and drummer Tylor James decided to start a band that would soon be moving faster than they had anticipated.  With the additions of Zach Smith on bass and Thomas Wainwright on keys, they were ready to create a style of rock and roll that would make the legends of the industry proud.

With a growing reputation for their live show and an anticipation of more music from their fans, The Howling Tongues returned to the studio nearly a year after the release of their first demo.  They recorded a six-song album of what they call a “no regret rock-n-roll” style of music.

The band was later introduced to one of the industry’s top producer/engineers, Tom Tapley. Tapley had worked with some of rock’s greatest acts, and the Tongues were excited to have such a giant of the industry working with them. In late December of 2011, The Howling Tongues started work on their next project titled, “Keep The Dust Down.” This resulted in the building of a growing brand and brought them one step closer to a sound that the band could call their own.

After a year of live shows and gathering momentum in the music scene, The Howling Tongues found themselves in the hands of producers Stan Lynch and Billy Chapin. "We instantly knew that something great would come from working with Stan and Billy,” said guitarist Nick Magliochetti.  “However, none of us expected to be this blown away by the end result.”

The band was so impressed that they decided to partner with Lynch and Chapin for the recording of their first full-length album.

In May of 2013, the band headed to Nashville's Sound Emporium recording studio to begin work on the new album. "We didn’t know what to expect being in a new environment, working with Stan and Billy, and recording it all to tape without any computers,” said frontman Taylor Harlow. “But looking back, I can't imagine doing it any other way.”

The end result is an album that shows the band's true colors and sends jolts of life back into the rock-n-roll music scene. With the highly anticipated release just around the corner, ripples have turned to waves as The Howling Tongues bring you the album that you'll be listening to for years to come.

In November of 2013 The Tongues had to part ways with former bass player Zach Smith. The Howling Tongues asked long-time friend, Brandon Witcher, to begin rehearsing for tour and writing the new album with them.


People often talk about musicians needing to “pay their dues” before they deserve success. Truett has paid his many times over; enough to treat himself and ten friends to an all expenses paid trip straight to the top. Sweating it out night after night in blues bars around the South, screaming into the bright lights and cigarette smoke like the ghost of Howlin’ Wolf, soloing until his hands bled hour after hour, roadhouse after roadhouse, mile after mile.

“I never really liked that many rock bands, so I’m coming at this from a different place than most people. I think that’s why my music doesn’t sound just like anything else,” Truett said.

Is Truett a soul singer? He was raised on Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder and can croon a Sam Cooke song or shout his lungs out a la Jackie Wilson. Is Truett a guitar virtuoso? Hearing him play is like having Albert Collins throw his drink in your face and kick his muddy boot up on your table to solo at the height of his powers. Is what Truett does easy to define? Absolutely not. He’ll take you from the Mississippi Delta to Prince’s Minneapolis, Chicago blues to Bowery Punk, down through Outkast’s Atlanta and out the other side of the psychedelic rabbit hole. That explosive mix makes for a singular experience.

Years ago, when he was still just a boy, Truett was briefly kidnapped by Ron Pope and his band, The District. A child prodigy on guitar, Truett traveled around Georgia sitting in with the band (who had strict instructions from Truett’s mother to make sure he didn’t “drink, smoke, take drugs, or have sex”). That journey marked the beginning of a brotherhood that is finally bearing fruit with “Be Mine,” Truett’s debut single on Brooklyn Basement Records (co-written and produced by Pope). The song features Godzilla-sized guitar tone pummeling a larger than life riff, powered by an angular, sticky groove punctuated by Truett’s hell hound on my trail moan and mind bending guitar pyrotechnics.

Truett is more than the sum of his influences; what he does is unique and spectacular. His work is evocative of many things, but a carbon copy of nothing that came before. He’s classic and modern, new and old, absolutely stunning in his raw, unbridled authenticity.


The Ides of June is an Atlanta based Blues Rock band founded in 2015 with their debut album "Exist!" being released in 2016. The judges at The Hard Rock Rising competition at The Hard Rock Cafe described them as The Allman Brothers fused with The Black Keys. Although they are weary of mentioning themselves in the same sentence as these rock legends, they are honored by the comparison in sound.