Fri, Apr 10 7:00PM
The Music Room

Nolen Reeves Music Presents: THE LAST WALTZ ENSEMBLE


$12 in advance / $18 day of show / $80 VIP tables

Artist Bios


The Last Waltz Ensemble is a musical group that progressively plays the music of Bob Dylan and The Band. The group bolsters a play list of over seventy Bob Dylan, The Band, and related tunes, covering music from all eras of the artists’ careers. From The Hawks to the Basement Tapes to The Last Waltz and beyond.


From the time she could talk Liz was placing words to melodies. Originating from Charlotte NC, the storytelling, sounds, and rawness of the South flow through her songs. She began playing live in high school, but it wasn't until moving to Chicago for college that she realized the talent she possessed in songwriting. While forming a band in Chicago (Giants in La Mancha) for a short time, she met her drummer, Phillip Potter, who would encourage her to pursue a music career and contact Producers to record her songs. Through a beautiful series of events she was connected to Mark Neill (Grammy award winning Producer/Engineer for The Black Keys "Brothers") and began recording with him August 2013 at his Soil of the South Studios in Valdosta, GA. This led to her desire to move back to the South in pursuit of every sound she was raised to love. She is currently in Atlanta, GA performing, writing, and recording her first solo album. Whether it's playing the acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, or the piano, the most empowering trait to her music is her large voice. By echoing soul singers of the past (Aretha Franklin, Bill Withers, Etta James, Otis Redding, Dusty Springfield) incorporating americana, folk, and country songwriting styles (Bob Dylan, Bobbie Gentry, Son House, Lead Belly, Loretta Lynn) and adding a rock infused edge (Jack White, Norman Greenbaum, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles) she creates songs that reflect the great attributes of music history while constantly moving towards the future.


Groove-heavy and Genre-bending, The Georgia Flood’s music has evolved over the years. Their new album, People Like Ourselves, draws on indelible melodies, clever lyrics, and an infectious energy; weaving together an EP that hits all the right notes. The Atlanta based duo, Lane Kelly and Brooks Mason, are brothers who began playing when they were seven and nine years old respectively. Hustling birthday parties and family reunions the brothers changed sounds numerous times through their teens.  Drawing on their exploration of numerous genres, their songwriting channels classic guitar driving riffs with modern pop sensibilities.

Self-financed, the band went into Jason Hoard’s Black Cat Studio to put together the seven songs contained within their new EP. Don’t let the EP status fool you though, the band toiled over 30+ tracks to carve out their favorites, coalescing into seven songs that journey through themes of love, good times, and tragedy. “We had a really tough time choosing just a few,” explains Brooks, The Georgia Flood’s lead guitar player and singer,.“We had so many songs that really brought the listener to amazing moments.”

“Whistle King,” the records infectious first single, encompasses much of what the record is about. “On the surface it seems sort of nonsensical and fun but the song really describes how crazy our lifestyle is on the road,” explains Lane, who plays bass and sings harmonies. “Playing in an indie band is a constant state of discovery, and lyrically, “Whistle King” exemplifies much of that exhilaration and frustration.”

After the record’s release on December 2nd, The Georgia Flood will be touring throughout the Southeast into the New Year. With a dynamic live set, the band intends to bring their music to ears the good old fashioned way, one club at a time.