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Artist Bios


The Tuten Brothers is an up-and-coming country band from Athens, GA that seems to have a fire and a passion in its sound that country music hasn't seen in years. Inspired by classic country and rock 'n' roll, Brothers Walker and Sam Tuten are the dynamic and energetic frontmen of the group, and their longtime friend Connor McAdams plays the drums. 

Hailing from the city most well known as the home of chart-topping bands like R.E.M. and B-52s, The Tuten Brothers seem to be inspired by the legacy of their town. They've already made a big splash in the Athens and Atlanta music scenes, playing for packed houses at the iconic 40 Watt Club and the Georgia Theatre after the release their debut single, 'Southern Sunrise', which had a 10-week stint on 94.9 The Bull. 

After the success of Southern Sunrise, which they recorded in a spare bedroom of  their cousins house in Athens, GA, the band took to the studio to record an album in Nashville, TN with Alex Gilson of Gold Cassette Productions. Their debut EP is set to be released on October 25th.


Mosaic is: Andrew Huang, Kamron Munch, Lydia Nichols, and Harry Cloud

Mosaic began as Andrew Huang (guitar, vocals) and Kamron Munch (Bass, vocals). The two had been performing as an acoustic/folk duo around the Athens and Atlanta area. Together they released a solo project album called "Hiding Places" in the spring of 2014 under Andrew's self-titled project, Andrew Huang Music. As their arrangements grew they began to require added instrumentation and vocals. In the winter of 2014, Lydia Nichols joined the group as a cello, keys and vocal powerhouse and became a fresh addition to the group's persona and vision. Shortly after, the group decided to adopt the name Mosaic. Thus, the band was born.

The band played their first official show as Mosaic right in their hometown, opening for Nashville folk band Judah & The Lion as the group ended their tour in Athens. They have made appearances with acts such as Steve Moakler, Cody Fry, Hope Country, Sam Burchfield, Chief Scout, Hosts and Josh Savage while also headlining shows in the Athens area, selling out The World Famous and filling other popular local spots like Hendershots and the 40Watt Club. And as much as they've performed on stages, they have also shared their music at Sofar Sounds and Pop-Up Charleston, mobile venues that bring audiences face to face to artists in a more intimate and homey setting.

Mosaic's sound is as diverse as their name suggests. Andrew, who writes and arranges Mosaic's songs, pulls musical influence from many spheres. Mosaic's sound can be described as a unique adaptation of indie-rock and singer-songwriter. In some cases, traces of even funk, mo-town and soul can be blended into their lyrical and often melodic arrangements. Mosaic is for anyone who enjoys a combination tasty electric guitar hooks, epic choruses, and erupting poetic soundscapes. Ever growing, their sound evolves and changes with each new piece, influenced by bits and pieces of many different styles of music.

In the spring of 2015, Mosaic recorded their first EP "Read Not the Times." After spending the majority of the winter rehearsing, arranging and writing, they were finally ready to put some of their songs in the red. The trio joined forces with local engineer Paul Reeves at Domus Sound. With the help of skilled instrumentalists Vince Guagliardo (drums) and Richard Sherrington (keys, organ), they were able to finish this collection of five songs before June.

"Read Not the Times" represents a wide range of Mosaic's interests and styles. When listening to it, you can immediately feel the groups longing for answers, truth, and for substance that is deeper than what lies on the surface. Andrew wrote these songs in the midst of seasons of great personal growth, challenge and change. His songs are an expression of his search for God, meaning and hope through times of pain and uncertainty, trying to find peace without knowing all of the answers. They study the marriage of joy and pain and everything that exists in between. They will make you dance, cry, and sit in silence knowing that all three of these responses, in their time, are incredibly beautiful.

To Mosaic, success as a band is defined simply as the opportunity to share their stories with others - to be a part of a story much larger than themselves. To share their struggles, victories and insights with their audience is a means to give their experiences purpose. “Read Not The Times” is their way of shining a light, however small it may be, into the lives of whoever they play to. The record is a reminder that we are never alone. It's a reminder of hope that tomorrow will be better. It's a reminder of the loveliness of life, even in the hard parts. It's a reminder for all of us to push past the immediate and to read into the lasting things instead.


The Future Babes is a group of four young men who originally met in high school music class. The band has transformed from a base of singer/songwriter style to its own unique sound of a mixture of pop, rock, and jazz. They are based in Atlanta, Georgia and have recently toured the southeast. The band has been signed by an indie label, Madison Records. They have recently completed recording their debut album which is scheduled for a 2015 release.