Fri, Apr 20 9:00PM
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Artist Bios

Universal Sigh

Universal Sigh is a melodic jazz fusion high energy rock show. The band features a two guitar attack anchored by a driving rhythm section. Universal Sigh’s music reflects a deep fondness for artists such as Radiohead, Snarky Puppy, and Umphrey’s McGee. Influenced by a myriad of musical styles, the quartet has been focusing on crafting a catalog of song varieties ranging from lyrical tunes to instrumental arrangements. Each show is its own individual voyage; harmonious melodies soar through epic peaks and float dramatic descents into a blissful funky groove. Fluid and dynamic, the Sigh is equipped with an abundance of compositions to energize any musical atmosphere.

In the very beginning, with Pace Maynard on guitar and Jones Maynard on drums, the brothers spent most of their childhood playing the White Stripes in their parents basement. Several years later, Jones met songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steve Terry. The two began making music together during and after high school. Over the next couple months, some sort of strange, raw talent began breeding in that basement. When Pace returned home from a semester at college it was evident a harmonious creation was to unfold. Now in search of a strong bassist, the UGA MBUS program became the missing link the band needed to find Austin Parker - not only a very merry bass player, but dually a soulful vocalist.

The Core Four have been at the forefront of all Universal Sigh song writing and performance. However, more recently the band has been working to create a collective interest collaborating original pieces with other musicians as much as possible. After a solid two years of song writing and rehearsal the foursome have gained their fresh tour legs and are ready and able to go anywhere music can be made. Universal Sigh has formed an inseparable bond to music since the very early basement days and are positively eager to extend that friendship with many others on down the road.


Known for their progressive song writing and energetic live performances, Mo Lowda & The Humble's beginnings were in the beer-soaked basements of Philadelphia. Following the release of their first full length album in 2013, the trio, consisting of Jordan Caiola, Shane Woods, and Nate Matulis began playing venues throughout the city. After experiencing the high of multiple sold out hometown shows, Mo Lowda took their act on the road. 2015 was highlighted by shows throughout the country and plays at notable summer festivals such as Firefly. The band's 2016 sophomore release, 'Act Accordingly', is a short and sweet embodiment of the band's natural progression; refining their already formidable sound. In February, Jeff Lucci stepped in as the new bassist, bringing his unique songwriting and tasteful use of effects pedals into the mix.  Mo Lowda will begin demo-ing for a new record this fall.


The Future Babes is a group of four young men who originally met in high school music class. The band has transformed from a base of singer/songwriter style to its own unique sound of a mixture of pop, rock, and jazz. They are based in Atlanta, Georgia and have recently toured the southeast. The band has been signed by an indie label, Madison Records. They have recently completed recording their debut album which is scheduled for a 2015 release.